Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. So I wanted to share how I decorated my dining room for a Christmas Supper Club I hosted, and how it will likely look again for Christmas dinner!

I’m all about the classic green and red accents. I wanted to keep it somewhat simple… while still carrying the look and colors that you’ll see throughout the rest of the house.

I generally stick to neutral colors for all the more expensive household items, so that if I want to change up a look per-season, it doesn’t break the bank. Hence the neutral table runner, and candle holders (the large ones are from Kirklands). This makes it so easy to have a different look for every season.

dining 2

Another trick to keep costs low in a dining room? Find a trendy, but cost-effective rug. Because if you have littles like me, or plan to host a lot, it will get spilled on. No doubt about it! I got ours (which is a 9×12) from Amazon for under $200 (seriously, SO CHEAP). I get compliments on it all the time, too! It’s easy to clean, looks great, and when spaghetti is spilled on it, I don’t blink an eye.

Similarly with wall decor, I try to keep it really neutral so that it is versatile no matter the color palette I choose for a season/look. My one exception in this room (and come to think of it, in my whole house) is this barn painting. Kyle and I fell in love with Franklin, TN, a few months back on a trip to Nashville, and this artist (Deann Art Designs) is from there. She is amazing – I highly recommend you check her out. We chose this piece because the barn is identical to Kyle’s family barn on their farm (where his dad grew up) – so it holds a special place in our hearts and home. With that said, I’d be lying if I said I don’t struggle with the blue accents in the piece… so maybe next year I will stick to whites/grays only for my Christmas look. We will have to see 🙂

dining 3

Lastly, my most-asked question whenever I post a dining room photo… my red wine glasses! I love them so much – and apparently so do other people! They are so elegant, classy and bold, We registered for them from Crate & Barrel when we got married, but many people recognize them from ABC’s Scandal! They are a pain to clean, but a dream to look at and sip from!

dining 4

The night was a total hit – the food was fantastic and the company was even better! Hope you all enjoy this season of eating, drinking and being merry!




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