Two Christmas traditions you’ll want to steal (and it’s not too late)!

1. The stocking stuffer competition (…I mean tradition)

Some healthy competition is good for the marriage, right?! This is something my husband and I look forward to all year. We started it our first year of marriage, and haven’t missed a year since!

What you’ll need: twenty minutes and $35 (per spouse)

We start at the front of our local Target, each grabbing a basket in one hand and likely our favorite Starbucks order in the other, and set our phones (well, now Apple Watches) to countdown from 20 minutes and we GO!

Honestly, half of the fun is razzing each other and (literally) running and dodging each other in Target!


Some of my favorite things to grab for him that stick to our price limit? A funny pair of socks, a toy/gadget of some sort, usually a holiday-themed pair of boxers or briefs, his favorite candies, and pajama pants or a coffee mug!

Then we pay separately at the front, and compare total cost. (He, of course, is usually right at $35 and I’m over. Sorry for wanting to buy you nice things… haha!).

The best part?! The “wrapping party” after Hadley goes to bed! We (ok, he) sets up a barricade between the two of us (typically using a blanket and dining chairs, really classy, ha) on the family room floor so we can wrap the gifts and watch a Christmas movie together. No peaking allowed!

What about the kids’ stockings?! Since having Hadley, we do her stocking stuffer shopping at the same time, before the “competition” begins. It gives us time to scope out the lay of the land at Target and plan our strategies, too ;).

To make this really fun, we typically get a babysitter and go to dinner beforehand, so it’s actually a date night!

2. A birthday cake for Jesus tradition
This is a new one for our family! Now that Hadley is getting older, it’s super important to us to find ways to incorporate Jesus into the craziness of the Christmas season – and teach her from a young age, that December 25th isn’t just about about a man in a red suit, and the presents he brings with him.

This is a fun (and easy) tradition to start for Christmas mornings after breakfast, and will give you the opportunity to talk about Jesus with your kids on Christmas Day!

What you’ll need: Birthday cake mix, frosting and candles

I recommend making it the day/night before, so that it’s not something you have to worry about doing on Christmas morning!

We all eat our Christmas morning breakfast (see Christmas morning french toast recipe here!) and then light the candles, and sing happy birthday to baby Jesus! It may sound silly – but the little ones will love it, and it teaches them from a young age the true meaning of Christmas!

There you have it! Two fun ideas to add to your Christmas traditions yet this season! I would love to hear what traditions you have with you family, too!


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