My husband and I are hosting his whole family on Christmas Day. And as much as we are looking forward to it, we are totally dreading all the Christmas dishes coming our way! Until I decided to break all the hosting rules… and do paper plates.

I know. Isn’t that awful?! I’m hosting a plated dinner for 20+ people and I’m doing paper plates.

Or is it?!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m in love with my beautiful white china plates that were gifted to us at our wedding! They are my absolute favorite! But as you all know, hosting comes with a lot of work. All the cleaning, cooking, more cleaning, decorating, more cleaning… you know the drill.

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And then if you’re like me – once the meal is done, you can’t focus on anything except for all the dishes on the counter waiting to be washed! Either that, or a sweet relative starts working away to try and help!

But this Christmas, I’m opting to spend more time with family and less time cleaning up after the meal.

So in an effort to make up for my lack-of-china, I decided to do a decorative display of the silverware, cloth napkins and still opted for chargers!

Charger tip: Don’t break the bank buying these!! No one pays close enough attention to them to do so. Find a good Michaels or Joann’s coupon and load up! I have 12 silver and 12 gold, and sometimes I alternate them for some interest. A charger does add a formality to a tablescape, and if the main dish you’re serving is hot, it protects your wood table, too!

Paper plate tip: My recommendation is to stick with a neutral solid. I went with white large plates, and a gold small plate to dress it up a bit. The more neutral, the less paper-like they will appear!


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Consider joining me in spending less time cleaning up after your Christmas meal, and more time soaking up time with family (or eating the dessert)!

Merry Christmas, to you and yours!


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