We are two weeks into 2018! One of the things I have been focusing on pretty heavily these last two weeks is the whole idea of priorities. Identifying my priorities, ranking those priorities, and then re-prioritizing them.

Earlier this week I spent some time writing down all my priorities (time with the Lord, my marriage, my daughter, work, etc.) and necessities (sleeping, eating, etc.). I estimated how much time per day I spend doing each. When I multiplied those by 7 days a week, I realized that on average, I am attempting to have 197 hours in my week…when there are only 168 hours available!

It reminded me that about 2 years ago – I made the intentional decision to no longer have the word “busy” in my vocabulary. 


I started noticing that I was either using this term as an excuse, or I was boasting of the various demands of my life and time. I would say things like “it’s just a busy season”, or “I’ve just been so busy at work”. But really, I was just excusing my inability to prioritize my time effectively.

Time is our most valuable commodity. Especially if you (like me) are a full-time working mom. It is so important that we are intentional with the time we have available within a day, otherwise we put ourselves at risk to “busy” our lives away without doing anything of real value, or that reflects our passion and heart.

You may have heard the saying, “if the devil can’t make you bad he’ll make you busy”. I would encourage you to spend some time thinking through (and maybe even writing down) your priorities and ranking them. What are some things you can say “no” to? Or maybe just “not right now” to?

E8BE379D-CC1F-42CF-9A8A-E2DC30F8E482Outfit details: This is the most comfortable maternity top. I am always on the hunt for things I can wear around the house, dress up a bit for work and church, and that will work throughout my pregnancy. This top is so soft, and comes in some other great colors.

I really think that if we can do this effectively and be a true steward of our time, our children, marriages, friends and even careers will all benefit.

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I would love to hear from you on how you keep yourself and family from getting too “busy”!



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