Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

Today I’m sharing the perfect maternity top and a fun (easy!) valentine to make with your toddler for their daycare friends!

It is so easy to feel all the Pinterest-mom pressure and go overboard on things that should be simple and fun, like valentines. The simple little valentine I’m suggesting is inexpensive, quick, and something you can do with your toddler that is fun for both of you!


  • Some type of snack or treat (see my recommendation below)
  • Fun stamps (how cute are the ones we found at Michael’s?! I brought Hadley along to pick them out herself)
  • Water-based ink (so it washes off your counter and the little fingers easily)
  • String or ribbon
  • A little card with a cute saying (see below to download the one I made!)
  • A hole-punch

THOUGHTS ON THE TREATS: Bringing treats to class is especially hard with all the allergies, sensitivities and preferences parents have these days, which is why I recommend sticking to something that is pre-packaged (not homemade), peanut-free and organic. That way (hopefully) the littles at daycare can all enjoy the treat worry-free!

Annie’s brand is a family-favorite of ours – and they have a bunny on their logo (which is what we played off of in the valentine message). We picked the fruit snacks because I’ve never met a toddler who doesn’t love them!

DOWNLOADABLE VALENTINE: If you right-click the below image and save it, you should be able to print these off yourself! We printed them relatively small and cut them down to be about 1.5″x1.5″. Just write in your child’s name after where it says “love,”.somebunny valentine

The fun part is getting the kids involved! I had my daughter Hadley go nuts with the stamps on the back of the valentine.

Toddlers love stamps (and eating fruit snacks…). This part of our little project is super important – let them be kids! The stamps don’t have to be perfect, just let them have fun with it and get a little messy. I promise that will make it way more fun for both of you!

See! Perfectly imperfect stamped valentines for her friends at school!

Next, just punch holes in the top left of the valentines and attach them to the treat with string or ribbon.

And that’s it! So easy, inexpensive and fun.

Now let’s talk about this lace maternity top.

I’m loving this pink lace maternity shirt from PinkBlush – it’s perfect for date night with my valentine! It is so cute, feminine and comfortable (hallelujah). Use code 2DAYSONLY for 15% off through the weekend!

There you have it! A fun valentine idea for your toddlers and a comfy-cute top for all the pregnant ladies looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit!

Do you bring treats for your kid’s classroom on Valentine’s Day? I would love to hear other simple and fun ideas you have!



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