It always amazes me how quickly my tidy house can be turned upside down by a busy two year old determined to play!

And I love that she does just that – plays. I want that for her! But I don’t want that to mean my house is no longer tidy, and no longer feels like my own.

I’m one of those people that “mess” stresses out. I can’t go to sleep when there are things on my island countertop, and honestly enjoy picking up and keeping things tidy. So finding a good place between creating a home where our daughters have free rein to play – while still keeping my sanity has been a process! But I feel really good about the balance we’ve found in this home and I wanted to share some tips with the other mom’s who like me, are a bit of a clean freak!

One of the questions I am asked most often about my home, is where I keep (hide) all the kid toys.

The quick answer? Baskets. Just ask my husband, he practically has a separate line in our budget for baskets, ha!



This trend really works to us mom’s benefit. Cute baskets are stylish right now, and it’s a great way to make a fun statement and keep all the books and toys out of sight when the kids aren’t actively playing with them!

Another reason I like to have a specific place for all toys, is that it is helping me to teach Hadley (and Audrey when she is bigger) the importance of putting things away when we aren’t using them. Kyle and I are both “tidy” people, and raising “tidy” humans is one of the many things that are important to us.

Many of the places on console tables where I used to style with pretty accessories, I now have replaced with baskets. I am not a huge believer in baby-proofing (except for the dangerous things, of course), but this is one way to do that, too!


This is a room I want the kids to feel inspired to play! But still didn’t want it to look too different from the rest of our house. So you will see lots of whites and grays, with some pops of pink because I couldn’t resist! You will also see more baskets and more bins! Even in the play room I have created space for all things to have a place.

Ok this one is fun. We have a little cupboard at the end of our kitchen right next to the island where we have shown Hadley she can keep all of her coloring books, stickers, paint supplies, plato, crayons, etc. This way, if she wants to play with it, she knows she can just grab what she would like and sit at the island to do so. I should note – we decided to never “baby proof” our cabinets, so having her own “special” one hasn’t been an issue for us (but each family/child are different).


I am actually not using a ottoman to store toys at the moment – but this is another great option for a place to keep toys organized and out of sight when the kids aren’t playing with them.


Hadley is still at the age where it’s important to me that she plays on the same floor I/we are on. So I actually put a bin on the floor of her closet with some puzzles, miscellaneous toys and a tutu (because we need one on every floor with that girl, ha)! This is a way for her to play quietly in her room or she can bring them into our room or wherever we may be. Plus, then she isn’t hauling things up and down the stairs.

Hope this was helpful for you! Let me know if I missed any other great ideas that you may have, or if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by!


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