If you have been following me on Instagram, you know my husband and I have been hard at work (ok mostly my husband, but I get a little credit) building a paved patio! This work is not as easy as it looks! But we had the time, and really enjoy doing DIY projects together and for our house, so we decided to give it a shot.

Our house backs up to a large green space in our neighborhood and we have a decent sized deck, but we found ourselves last summer sitting on a blanket in our yard a lot while Hadley played in the grass or on the walking path behind us. So a patio seemed like a great idea so that we could sit comfortably while the kids play!

We have two dogs, so maintaining a decent sized yard was important to us, so we decided to keep the patio relatively small. We wanted it big enough for a 4-piece set of furniture, while still allowing room for a kids’ water table, trike, etc.

Choosing the pavers was relatively easy – we knew we wanted a subtle herringbone pattern and didn’t want it to look too modern (since our house is pretty traditional in style). In terms of the color, I wanted grey with some tans. I was adamant that it not pull pinky or red! We chose a local manufacturer – Rochester Concrete Company – and selected their Lamont pavers in Sierra Grey.

As for the patio set, there are so many great options out there! I wanted a set that would last us awhile, without breaking the bank, but still not feel like you’re sitting on thin pieces of paper. We wanted soft(er) more classic lines, and a dark brown weather-ready wicker to match our deck stain. I read reviews and watched for sales for (honestly) months (because I’m crazy like that). I am happy to report so far, I’m very pleased with this set! I love the light cushion color (but not white because… children and dogs) to contrast the dark wicker!

The pillows are a hodgepodge that I’ve collected over the years, and I originally was playing with pulling in red, but I think I like the crisp look of just doing navy and white.

striped pillow  |  outdoor pillow  |  similar lumbar pillow  | umbrella

I purchased this white tray and have designated for outdoor use. It looks cute, pops nicely on the dark table, and of course is also useful in carrying drinks and snacks down from the kitchen.

The side tables did not come with the set – but I wanted to have them to make it easy for people to set their drinks/plates on. One table is a part of/came with my outdoor dining set, and the other one I grabbed on sale from Target and it matches perfectly! I like having the variation to break it up a bit, so it is not too matchy matchy. The best part about the wicker one from Target is that it has storage! So when it rains I can toss 2 of the smaller throw pillows in there so they don’t blow away.

whiskey barrel planter  |  side table  |  black lantern  |  other large black lantern

When it comes to buying flower pots, my recommendation is to not buy them from a gardening store. I have found them to be extremely marked up in price at those places. I like to get mine at Homegoods or Marshall’s – they always have some fun patterns and nice size options. I will say Home Depot has some decent prices on pots, and that’s where I found the whisky barrel planters.

As you can see, I don’t have one, ha! Here are my honest thoughts on outdoor rugs – in some spaces, they are so so cute. For example, on my deck, I could absolutely see the argument that an outdoor rug would really look nice under my dining table. However I don’t have one because I helped to stain the deck and I know that having a rug would make it uneven, and i want to avoid having to stain the deck again, ha! But with a paved patio, I honestly don’t see the point. The pavers are laid in a pattern, and especially with the size of ours, I think it would just look silly. What do you think about outdoor rugs? Do they make the space cozier, or are they just silly?

Well there you have it, that’s it for patio details! I’m excited to have some friends over and enjoy some rose while the kids run crazy around us. Cheers to sweet, sweet summertime!


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