I have two daughters – Hadley and Audrey. Hadley will be three in October and Audrey is four months old already (how?!). Each girl was born in opposite seasons – so I have some thoughts on must-have baby items for fall/winter babies and spring/summer ones that I wanted to share with you all!

I also included my favorite baby items for all seasons! Let me know if you have any questions or if you think I’m missing anything! I love learning from you all, too!


Stroller fan

This is so handy to have on those hot summer days! Car seats and strollers can get really hot in the sun, so this is a good way to keep a breeze coming for the baby. Plus, the “fins” are soft so if the baby kicks the fan it won’t hurt them.


Yard canopy

This is so great to have for when you are hanging out in the backyard, at the pool for a picnic.. anything really! It is really easy to transport and perfect for the littles to get a break from the rays.


Portable booster seat

This is perfect when your little is a bit older and eating solids – we used this all the time with our first daughter when we went out on a boat or were on the move for lunch/dinner!

Baby bjorn bouncer

This is a game changer! We didn’t have this with Hadley and so many of my girlfriends recommended it – we had to give it a shot with Audrey. It’s perfect and easy to transport outside for summer dinners on the deck, hanging in the yard, working in the garage.. you name it!


Car seat cover

This is a no brainer for a cold-weather baby. This will protect them from the wind and cold air and be handy when they fall asleep to keep it dark for them!


Fuzzy onesies

Hadley (our October baby) lived in these through the Minnesota fall and winter! They were so cozy and cute, I highly recommend.


Uppababy vista stroller

We love this stroller! We had the Uppababy Cruz when we just had Hadley – we wanted a double stroller so we sold that one (they really hold their value!) and purchased the Vista. We are very happy with the quality and the Uppababy customer service is unmatched!

Frog chair

So ugly but the kids love it and it will keep them happy while you’re cooking or eating dinner! We set it on the dining table and counter (safely in the middle) all the time.ollie-stone-4_grande

Ollie swaddle

This swaddle is pure magic. Ollie swaddle = sleep for you. That’s all you need to know.

Nursing/car seat cover

Comfortable, versatile and full coverage. They sell these everywhere now, but this is the link to the one I have.71gzzOE1UeL._SX522_

Diaper changing pack

I didn’t have this with Hadley, and I wish I would have! This little pack holds diapers, wipes, a change of clothes and folds out to be a changing mat. It makes it super easy to switch diaper bags, and if my husband wants to change a diaper he doesn’t have to carry the whole diaper bag to the bathroom – only this pack!

Lobster highchair

I just recently got this in the mail and I’m so far very happy with this purchase! I originally wanted one for our week long family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard at the end of the summer – but now that I have it I love it for our island in the kitchen! Audrey loves to sit in it and watch us cook and Hadley play. It’s great because it doesn’t take up a ton of space like some highchairs.

BabyConnect App

I swear by this app – it keeps me sane! I had this with Hadley and used it religiously and am using it just as much with Audrey. It’s how I time/track nursing sessions, track diapers, keep her height/weight tracked, save their “firsts” in the diaries section and so much more. You can “invite” others to also access the account so your husband, parents and babysitters can also access and track things.

What must-haves do you love that I missed?! Send them my way – I’d love to hear from you!


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