There is (arguably) nothing that makes my heart happier than my home filled with people. The main we reason we built our house was to use it to bless people and invite people into it to enjoy it with us!

So when one of my sweet friends is getting married or having a baby, I am one of the first to raise my hands to offer to host their shower! This weekend I got the opportunity to host a shower for a great friend of mine who is pregnant with her first daughter. It was a great afternoon celebrating her, and I had the best helpers!

One of the biggest things I have learned when it comes to hosting showers is ask for help – do not try and do it all yourself! I have done this, and spent the whole week preparing, and was stressed and exhausted for the shower. I would be impatient with my family and would end up not even being able to enjoy myself. It was just too much! So now when people offer to help, I take them up on it!

mom-osa printable

This shower I was fortunate enough to have two amazing friends offer to help (a lot) and one did all of the food, and the other all of the drinks! So I was able to focus on the main dish (which I ordered from Costco – because #knowyourlimits) and the dessert.

Delegating those responsibilities also allowed me to focus on the decor and small details that can make any shower or event more special!

For decor – it is now the middle of September so I knew I wanted to do some fall tones, while keeping it light and feminine. I am a big believer in fresh flowers for a shower – I buy a ton and then divide them up in all different sizes of vases and put them all over the house. It’s amazing what a difference fresh flowers everywhere can make!

I also took a shot at making a few hoop wreaths that are so trendy right now. I went to Michaels for the supplies – and just used some wire and hot glue and that was it! The best thing about these are that can be reused, and would even look cute in the girl’s rooms for decor.

floral fabric banner  |   gold baby banner

Similarly to the hoop wreaths, I’m always about purchasing decorations that can be reused year after year or event after event. Banners and garland are no different! I purchased this beautiful patterened garland off of Etsy, and just like the hoop wreaths, will look cute in a bedroom or playroom year round!

I ordered a ton of printables off of Etsy for games and the different “activities” for the guests to do. One of the activities was to write little messages on newborn diapers. We had these done at a shower and they made us laugh out loud those first weeks we were home with our first born!

late night diapers printable 

Another activity for guests was to write down their addresses so the mama to be didn’t have to do that herself! This saves the guest of honor so much time – and is just a nice touch.

favors and address printable

For the favor, I purchased a bunch of packs of the phone chord hair binders and just attached them to cardstock with a sticker and pretty tape. These were a crowd pleaser and were inexpensive and quick to make.

For a “guestbook” I had each guest snap a photo of themselves and attach it to a frame. People always love these and it’s a fun way for the guest of honor to remember her shower.

The last activity I had for guests was these adorable cards. I had each guest fill them out while the guest of honor (Kyia) opened gifts (which also takes some pressure of the person opening the presents – we have to be honest, it’s always a little awkward)! We sent these home with Kyia to read with her husband. Makes for a good laugh and there are always some sweet comments!

advice cards

I did two quick games. One that I downloaded off Etsy (baby animal names), and another where I asked the father-to-be questions and guests had to answer how they thought he would. It’s always hilarious and usually pretty sweet.

That’s it for all the details! Comment any questions you have. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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