It’s officially fall and I couldn’t refrain myself from going full-fledged harvest decor on my front porch any longer.

I brought the whole family out to Pahl’s Market, a local garden center, this weekend to buy all the fun annuals to bring the porch to life.

I love all the warm tones of fall, but wanted to balance that with some basic neutrals, and it never feels quite right without some pops of green.

I love the look and height corn stalks bring to any outdoor harvest look. The trick is getting them attached, because a small gust of wind will knock them (and all of your other decor) over with them.

We fastened them to our house using 3M hooks and the string the corn stalks come wrapped in.

I also grabbed these large flowering kale that bring that pop of green and some texture to the porch. I haven’t had one of these before so we will see if I can keep them alive (I was told to just keep the soil consistently moist and you should be good).

Our house color is a navy, so when it comes to choosing the color of mums to get, I love to grab the yellow because it pops so nicely against our house! I use these large planters all year long – they help bring some height to the look and connect the shorter items to the tall corn stalks.

A look that is trendy this year is a double door mat – to have one larger mat under a smaller. I happened to have this larger one already, and with how wide our doorway is I really like the look of the larger mat!

As for the rocking chairs, an easy way to style them for the cooler months is adding a fall scarf or blanket. You can find some great colors of these for a reasonable price on Amazon!

As for the stacked pumpkins, I have been seeing these all over Pinterest – and my local garden center actually had real ones that stacked so easily! Since they are “specialty pumpkins” they do cost a little more, but they bring some great neutrals to the look while adding some height.

And finally I grabbed a few variations of colors and sizes of mums (because it wouldn’t be fall without mums!) and placed them throughout the porch!

If I have left anything out or you have any questions please let me know! We hope to make our way to a pumpkin patch in the next few weeks to get some pumpkins for carving. What are your favorite fall traditions?!


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