My husband’s birthday is this week and I put a question out on instastories asking for gift ideas and I got so many great ideas from all of you! And so many of you wanted me to share out what you suggested!

So here it is – my first ever gift guide! Perfect for birthday, Christmas, anniversary… you name it. Happy shopping!


Yeti cooler ($250) – So many people recommended this! I mean, can we really ever go wrong with Yeti anything?!

Yeti rambler ($20) – In fact, order 2 (because your man will likely lose his first one, ha!).

Man crates ($70-150) – Ok this is something a few of you recommended – and I have never heard of it. This site has tons of options for different types of men in your life and you can customize the box based on what they enjoy – like whiskey, grilling, etc. The price points are super reasonable and the quality looks awesome!

Cole Haan shoes ($150 on sale!) – My husband has these and loves them! Look like dress shoes but feel like tennis shoes.

Decanter ($69) – This is a great option for bourbon/whiskey drinkers. Pottery Barn has an option to personalize them which is a fun touch!

Nike fleece zip-up ($130) – My husband would live in this if he could. Great quality and warm but has some structure to it so it doesn’t look frumpy at all.

Top golf gift card – We just had one of these open in Minnesota so this was another common response! I have heard great things and I am definitely planning an outing to check out what all the buzz is about!

AirPods ($159) – These are the best! A few people recommended these and I actually got them for my husband last Christmas and he uses them all the time!

Custom watch box ($35-75) – A few people mentioned the men in their life getting one of these and loving it! There are tons to choose from on Etsy.

Beard kit ($50) – There are so many cute beard kits available on Etsy! My man doesn’t have facial hair, but this is a great gift idea for those who do!

Lulu sweatpants ($128) – So many people recommended these and my husband has them and loves them!! They are a great gift, because if your man is anything like mine he would never (ever) spend money like this on sweatpants… but now that he has them he wears them all weekend long, on every flight, working out.. Etc.

Coffee grinder ($15-45) – This is a great gift idea for those big coffee drinkers in our lives. This one has awesome reviews on Amazon and is on sale for $16!

Smoker ($150-400) – YOU GUYS. Keep your eyes out for black Friday deals on smokers!! I bought this one for my husband last year for 50% off and he loves (loves loves looooves) it so much. You will be the wife of the year if you get one of these, I promise!


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