Tis the season for lots of excuses to get “dolled up”! I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty products that I’ve found this year, and some I have been using for years.


Clinique Lash Building Primer ($17): I have been using this mascara primer since high school and I swear by it! I apply it before any mascara and I really think it protects and conditions my lashes. I apply it and let it sit a few minutes so it becomes “tacky” and then put on Voluminous Super Star XFiber.

Voluminous Super Star XFiber ($11): Ladies. I have tried SO MANY MASCARAS. The most expensive ones to the cheapest of the cheap and I can honestly say this one paired with the Benefit one below are my absolute favorite!! And it is so reasonably priced!

Benefit Bad Gal Bang ($25): Layer this one on top of the XFiber and it (I swear) magically lengthens your lashes. I went back and forth on lash extensions, but ever since trying this combo I honestly don’t think it’s worth the money anymore!

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer ($27): This lasts forever, and is worth every single penny. Even if I don’t want to put makeup on, I put this on (hello you babies and the sleep, or lack there of, that comes with them). I promise you will never regret this purchase!

Bye Bye Pores Bronzer ($30): Ok I have been a diehard Mac girl for YEARS. Like… over 10 years. Until I went into an Ulta this year to grab a new Mac bronzer (that I have used since high school, mind you) and they didn’t sell it. The sales associate pointed me towards this.. and let me tell you, I haven’t turned back. It makes your skin look airbrushed! And not orange at all.

Clinique Just Browsing ($18.50): I used to be a pencil girl, until I randomly tried (thanks to Birchbox!) brow mousse. I will never go back to a pencil! I love how small the brush is on this one, so it doesn’t paint my skin too. It just makes my brows look more full and a little darker – which is exactly what I want. Plus, it’s reasonably priced!

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish ($34): As mentioned previously, I am a MAC girl (even though this list doesn’t show it)! And whenever I get dressed up, I always use this highlighter. And as odd as it sounds, I am always taken-aback by how many people compliment my makeup, and even my “highlighter” when I wear it!! I have had this particular one forever (like, it might be borderline gross how many years its last me). So it really is worth the investment!

Beautycounter Lip Conditioner ($18.70): So this isn’t really makeup, but it is my favorite lip treatment ever. I use it every night before bed, and no matter how chapped my lips may be – this lip treatment makes them healthy and well again by the morning.


Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ($39): So here is what I think. Each one of these in the large size are typically $22 (on sale right now for $13.50!!). For $39 you get to try six different colors – that is pretty much a no brainer. When I originally posted these I got mixed reviews – a few of you said they seriously dried out your lips. While others said you swear by these and love them! So I went in a little critical. Here are my thoughts.

They certainly don’t moisturize your lips. But in my opinion (and intent!) that’s not what I am looking for them to do! I want a lip color that will last and not get all over my kids face and husband when I want to give them a smooch. I didn’t find that they flaked off, but I also didn’t find they “stayed all day” I would say after about 5ish hours, I needed to reapply. I also didn’t love all six colors.

Two of them are just a little too nude and cool for my coloring (baci and fia), so I tried them and immediately wiped them off with makeup remover. My favorite for every day wear was definitely Patina, I wore this to work almost every day. For parties I wore Vino, but I could see myself wearing more Fiery for Christmas and NYE parties! Not included in this pack is a shimmer lip stain option by Stila which actually came in my Birchbox, Patina Simmer, that I have also been really liking for a little more dimension.

All of that to say. I definitely think it’s worth it! The colors are definitely bold and rich (not subtle – they are the same color on your lip as they are in the bottle) and certainly long-lasting. Bonus, my hair doesn’t get stuck on them and I can smooch my family whenever I want!

IMG_6540 (1)

Isles of Paradise Self Tanning Drops ($28): I snagged this little bottle of self-tanner while on a work trip recently and I have to say – I have been so pleased with it! You add the drops into your face moisturizer or body lotion (approx. 4-6 drops for your face and 6-8 drops for your body, depending on how dark you want the color to be).

I have used it both during the day and right before bed and it barely has any scent to it at all! I’ve been pleased with the color (it’s not orange) and I love that you don’t have to use a mitt or anything (definitely still wash your hands after applying it, though). It is definitely work a try, especially given the price (and I love that it is so small and easy to travel with)!


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