I wanted to share two easy tricks to make your life in the kitchen a little easier, and help empower your kids!

I’ve shared one of these before – and the other is an idea a neighbor mentioned to me (thanks Aly!), and I implemented it in our own home the next day I thought it was so good!


The first I shared back in April in my post on having a TIDY HOUSE WITH LITTLES, and it’s the idea of a kid-friendly cabinet. This is simple really – it’s a cabinet where I keep crafts and activities (in the kitchen) that Hadley knows she can use whenever she would like to.

She knows that markers, plato, etc. are only used at the table or counter, so I have no concerns if she wishes to pull any of these out and start using them while I’m cooking or doing something else around the house.

This is a great way to empower self-led play, and it takes some pressure off of me to always need to get this stuff out for her (when she is fully capable to doing it herself)!



This is the tip my neighbor gave me – a drawer specifically for all the dishes, sippy cups, bowls and silverware for the littles at their height. This is great for so many reasons – I always have Hadley get her own dish to set the table, and help to put dishes away when taking them out of the dishwasher.

We used to keep them all in an upper cabinet and she kept wanting to be picked up to pick out the one she wanted – and this way she can pick it out every time (and I don’t have to hold her up while she decides, ha)!

Again this is another way where it gives them some ownership, empowerment and responsibility all while making my life a little easier.

There you go – two easy little things you can implement in your own kitchen to make your life a little easier. Happy organizing!


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