Having a guest bedroom has always been so important to me. Not because we have tons of friends and family from out of town, but because I always want to have a bed to offer a person.

Whether they are visiting for a night, in the midst of moving, just need a place to crash, or friends that want to spend time together after our kids go to bed – a guest bedroom to me, is part of making my home welcoming to people!

I recently shared a little tour of our guest bedroom / office on my insta-stories, and I wanted to write down what I am always sure to do so you can save it for later when you have guests!

1. At their fingertips
I want to make sure people feel comfortable in my home. And I know it’s easy to feel like you are being a “bother” if you need to ask your hostess for things. So I do my best to provide them what they need so they don’t feel uncomfortable asking. I set out towels for showers, the WiFi password and extra blankets.


headboard  |  tray  |  euro pillows  |  match striker

2. Pamper them a little!
It’s an easy but always so appreciated touch to have some kind of little greeting for them on the bed when they arrive. Maybe even a couple bottles of water and a little sweet treat to show they are welcome and you are glad to have them!


filing cabinet  |  similar metal plaque  |  curtains

3. Hotel-like accommodations
Stock up on inexpensive extras to have around the house – tooth brush, hair spray, deodorant, razor, shampoo/conditioner. I have been a member of Birchbox for a few years, so I have tons of mini beauty products hat I set in our guest bathroom, so if they forget anything at home – I likely have it available to them, just like a hotel!

3 (1)

There are just a few ideas for hosting guests. Be sure to pin the above image on your pinterest to save for the next time you have house guests. Happy hosting!


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