I’m often asked if I do any interior design on the side, and the answer is no! Although that sounds like a DREAM! But honestly, making a house feel like a home is something I love doing – and I have no training in whatsoever. Anyone can do it, really!

So I wanted to share my top five go-to tips for decorating a home. But I couldn’t lower it down – so I’m sharing my top seven, ha! This list could honestly be much, much longer – but I’m picking my top seven and I’ll save the others for another post in the future.


lantern  |  similar tray  |  vase

1. The rule of three
This is something my mom taught me, and many of you may already know. But when you are decorating a tabletop – it is important to stick to an odd number (and usually the magic number is 3). Mix the decor up in terms of sizes, shapes and texture. But the most important is to try and stick to three items to avoid the space from feeling overwhelmed and aesthetically pleasing.


mirror  |  candle sticks |  lamp

2. Mirrors
If you haven’t noticed already, I have tons of mirrors in my home. I swear it’s not because I like looking at myself…! I love putting mirrors on walls that run parallel to windows so they reflect the natural light throughout a room. And in my opinion, the brighter the space, the better.  Bonus, it makes any space feel bigger and they are timeless!


3. Family photos
Have you ever found yourself caught up in wanting your house to look pretty and Pinterest-worthy, and can’t figure out why it feels a little too model-home like? The way I try and balance this is with family photos! I choose photos that bring joy to my heart when I catch a glance at them – I typically try to have at least 3 photos of our family in every room. It sounds silly – but it really makes all the difference! Force yourself to switch them out every few months so you continue to notice and appreciate them, versus glance past them.


4. Pops of green
Everyone has their own style preferences, but one thing that I have found makes all the difference for me is that every room (even bathrooms) have some pops of green. I think it just makes the room feel more alive to have a little (faux – because I know my limits, ha!) plant in the corner – it doesn’t have to be huge. Just something that breathes some life into every space.


peel and stick wallpaper

5. Achievable tidyness 
Have you ever done a deep clean and gone crazy with organizing but quickly realized keeping it that way was impossible?! I sure have. Like organizing kids toys bins in their play room… Yeah. Right. One play date later it’s all mixed together and they never cared they were sorted in the first place!

All I’m saying is pick your battles. Keep it realistic and sustainable. And make it easier on yourself! The answer is baskets and bins, my friends. As simple as that. We have baskets all over the place for toys, books, our devotional/bibles, etc. the stuff that could easily be left on the table every day instead has a home (right next to where we would be tempted to leave it, so we have no excuse not to put it away)!


couch  |  tray  |  pendant lights |  stools  |  wreath  |  coffee table  |  rug

6. Invest in neutrals
If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I say this over and over again. Invest in neutral pieces of furniture, wall decor, rugs etc. That way you can bring in seasonal accents or pops of color easily (and inexpensively). Plus, if your items are neutral they will likely be easily changed around. I get bored easily and like to move console tables / switch the rooms they are in. This is easy when they all are different colors and sizes, but all neutral!


console  |  clock  |  wall plaque  |  rug

7. Real flowers
Now this seems pretty obvious – but if you haven’t noticed – having real flowers in your main space makes a world of difference! I’m all about cost-effective options and having some faux plants around the house – but there is no doubt that there is nothing like real, fresh flowers to make a space feel complete. Especially when you are hosting friends / family for dinner or a party / shower – I am always sure to have fresh flowers in my main space to put a finishing touch on the space. And they don’t have to be pricey! Costco always has great flowers at a reasonable price, and of course Trader Joes is the best place to snag some tulips under $5.

Alright friends, those are my top seven tips! Hope you found this helpful! I would love to hear from you what you’re go-to tip for decorating a home is?!


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