Have you heard of a Favorite Things Party?! Ok this is not my idea, but I had so many of you reach out asking for more details on the party I shared this last weekend I thought I would write a little post on it so you can do it with your girlfriends too!

First of all, our intention was for this party to happen before Christmas – but December gets crazy packed SO quickly – that we pushed it back to the end of January and we are so glad we did! We went with a “galentines” theme and quickly decided this will now be an annual tradition!


  1. Pick a date and invite list
    Ok first, grab some of your girlfriends and pick a date. I would recommend not making it too big (meaning lots of people) because that could get pricey. There were seven of us, which is a great size!
  2. Pick a price-point
    We decided on a price-point of $20 or less. So each lady picks a favorite thing (and keeps it a secret so it’s a surprise!) – and buys enough for each lady to get one (in our case we each bought 6 items). And then you wrap it in a cute little valentines bag.
  3. Exchange goodies
    Then on the day-of you exchange gifts, share all the details on how it’s used and why you love it (we all open the same gift at the same time and then ask questions etc.). So you leave with 6 new products to try! We were joking that it’s kind of like a “beauty shower” except everyone leaves with gifts!

We decided on sharing a meal together too – and to make it easy on the host (and fun for all of us to help!) we each brought a dish to share. I brought my french toast bake (recipe here) and we had fruit, muffins, egg bake and some yummy mimosas!

My girlfriend Andrea did such a beautiful job decorating her house to match the theme and had the most beautiful tablescape!


We ate and chatted, and then finished with opening the gifts. We each handed out the presents and we all opened the same gift at the same time – and the lady who brought it shared why they love the product, how to use it, etc. It was SO fun! We all kept saying it was like Christmas but better!

We had a fun range of products – hair spay, gift cards to our favorite stores, dry shampoo, fancy/trendy hair ties, lip gloss, hair masks and lip moisturizers. In the first 24 hours I have tried almost all the products already and I love them!

And that’s it! Such a great excuse to get together with your ladies and give some gifts and come home with goodies! If you haven’t done this you should definitely make it happen – you won’t regret it!


Happy Galentines!



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