It is officially February! Which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Our first few weeks of this months are a little crazy with travel – so I wanted to get some things checked off my to-do list early, and I wanted to share the easy and inexpensive Valentines Hadley and I made together!

audrey’s top  |  kitchen wreath  |  counter stools  |  hadley’s bow

I grabbed all the supplies from the dollar spot at Target and an end-cap at my local Michaels store. Nothing was over $3, except for the box of applesauce packets!


  • Festive ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A little card to stamp/color
  • Gogo Squeeze applesauce
  • Stamps (I bought this Valentine’s Day combo pack from Michaels)
  • Ink pad (make sure it’s not permanent ink – because toddlers, ha)

Hadley is learning to write her name and loves playing with stamps, so I wanted to do something that she would enjoy (and could help me with) but that wouldn’t take too much time.


my top  | my cami  |  earrings  |  kitchen rug  |  audrey’s bow

I did something similar last year on the blog with stamps – and I chose stamps again because there is little mess involved, and it’s quick! Bonus, kids love playing with stamps!

I first had Hadley write her name on each card (and she decided she just wanted to write “H” because there “wasn’t enough room for her full name”, ha! Then I had her stamp each little card, and I wrote her name (small) on the bottom so her friends knew who it was from.


After that I just cut equal length of this adorable ribbon (from Target) and tied it around the top of the applesauce. SO easy! And fast.. and inexpensive. But Hadley loved it! And she keeps asking when she can give it to her friends, ha! Poor girl has to wait two whole weeks.

Hope that helps give you a fun and easy idea for your little’s Valentines! The best part is you can do this ahead of time, toss it in a bag and not have to think about it again.

Happy crafting!


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