When it comes to fake tanning I don’t mess around. If you knew me in high school you’d know this “passion” started at an early age – ha! I have tried a ton brands, “forms” and price points over the years and I wanted to share with you my three favorites – all of which are different forms (drops, lotion and mousse). Each one has things I love about them and parts I don’t!

Isles of Paradise Drops ($28)
If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know that I love these. I just discovered them a few months ago when I was traveling for work – and needed a fake tanner option that I could bring back in my carry on! I definitely questioned that they would really work (and go on evenly) – but I have been so pleased with the results!

THE GOOD: They are an (relatively) inexpensive option. They are organic and cruelty free. I can control the color – the more drops, the darker the tan. I can use my typical face moisturizer and just add the drops and have never broken out or anything. They really don’t smell (especially compared to some others I’ve tried). They really seem to last a long time – I’ve had them for almost 3 months and use them about once a week and I still have half the bottle left. It doesn’t rub off or leave any color on my clothes of sheets.

THE BAD: You can’t see where you apply it – I haven’t had any issues with streaking or it being uneven yet, but I could see that happening. It isn’t as “full coverage” as some of the others – gives good color, but doesn’t hide the flaws as well as the others (if you know what I mean, ha)! It is only sold at Sephora and has sold out a few times since people have discovered it – making it a little difficult to get your hands on.

Vita Liberata Lotion ($30)
I got a sample size of this a few summers ago in a Birchbox and I’ve loved it ever since!

THE GOOD: The scent is really subtle – this is another great option to put on in the morning and you will have a nice glow by happy hour! The color is really pretty – probably my favorite of the three. The lotion itself is moisturizing and goes on really easily! It doesn’t rub off on clothes or sheets.

THE BAD: It does have more of a stinky smell than the drops. I’ve been using this for awhile and there was at least one time when it came out a bit streaky – but that could have been “user error”. It’s definitely a little bit more pricey – but does last!

St. Tropez Self Tan Express ($44)
This is another popular option I tried last summer. It is best applied with a mitt (trust me, it won’t wash off your hands without the mitt!) and you can control the depth of color based on how long you leave the mouse on.

THE GOOD: This is probably my favorite for the summer. I swear it hides all flaws, ha! And the color gets really deep and rich (I leave it on over night) – which is what I want when I’m wearing a swimsuit. Plus, it goes on dark so you can easily tell if you’ve missed a spot!

THE BAD: Applying it with a mitt is just kind of annoying – and it’s definitely necessary to do. This one is the stinkiest of the three, and does come off on sheets and clothes (it washes out, but looks pretty bad and leaves a stench). I don’t put this on my face, so I have to use another tanner for that (I usually use the drops I mentioned about for my face, regardless what I put in the rest of my body). You have to rinse this off at some point otherwise you’ll be sticky and stinky – whereas the other two you could wear all day.

Happy bronzing!


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