We are so excited to head to Florida for a little family getaway! All you mamas out there know, packing for your (whole) family is no easy task!

I’ve been on the hunt for some new clothes for our girls to take with us to Florida, that will hopefully still work in the summer too. And I wanted to share my favorite finds with you (meaning, I wish they all came in my size) in hopes to make your spring break shopping easier!



blue striped  |  lobster  |  long sleeve  |  tutu  |  denim hat  |  pink hat

I mean is there anything cute than a little bottom in a bathing suit?! I don’t think so. I grabbed a few one-pieces for each girl, but to be honest I much prefer a two piece, especially on Hadley for potty-purposes! It is way easier to just peel off wet bottoms than a whole suit!

I like to have at least one option with long sleeves, to rotate between. This keeps them protected from the sun and makes me feel better about being out all day with them – we have some fair babes on our hands!

As for bathing suit coverups – I keep it easy. I grabbed Hadley’s from Old Navy last year and one for Audrey at Target that is almost identical. The terry cloth feels warm on their skin when they are so wet from the pool/beach – and it’s easy to zip right up in the front.



jacket  |  polka dot  | grey and white eyelet dress  |  sandals  |  shorts

Oh man. Little girl clothes just keep getting cuter! Hadley is a big fan of anything that looks great when she twirls (otherwise I hear “this doesn’t have a tutu mama!!!” and a request to change). There is no doubt, she is about as girly as they come.



jelly shoes  |  dress  |  jacket  |  romper  |  flutter top  |  blue dress

Again – why don’t these all come in my size?! For shoes for the littlest I try to stay away from open-toes. She is still learning to walk and I think the opened-toe options are just asking for her to trip and stub her toes! I snagged these cute little jelly shoes from Old Navy and love them.

I am not one to spend tons of money on clothes for my littles – I love buying them cute stuff, but they grow out of it or ruin it so quickly! My favorite places to shop for them are Old Navy, Baby Gap, Zara and Target.

Hope these cute outfits cut out some of your shopping time this spring! Where are your favorite spots to buy clothes for your littles?!


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