Everybody has a “thing”.

You have a big idea. You have a God-given gift or talent. You have a message to share or a vision you want to see through. You have a change you want to make in your life.

Think about it for a second – what’s your “thing”?

I have a question for you, one that is commonly thrown around when talking about big dreams or goals – what is stopping you?

No really. What’s stopping you?

For me – it almost always comes down to fear. Fear of failure. Fear of looking like a fool. Fear of doing it wrong. Fear of it not turning out like I had hoped.

But you know what’s worse? Fear of missing out on something that could have been really great, important, and life-altering. And what’s even worse than that? Fear of being disobedient to the call of God on your life.

Here’s the thing. He chose YOU to have that gifting. He gave you that big idea or vision. He placed that seed in your heart to make a change. Not your next door neighbor or the girl you follow on Instagram. YOU.

We are two full months in to the new year and I’m doing a little self check-in on my theme for the year, steward. And so much of what I’m talking about here is exactly that, it’s about being a steward of all of these “things”.

The hardest part sometimes, is just starting. The goal looks so far, and the work it will take to get there is lofty. But can I tell you (as I remind myself) it is so worth it. I have found that some of the most impactful seasons of growth in my life have been on the journey towards a goal. That’s when God slowly chips away at me, making me better and more like Him.

And I should also tell you, I am working towards many “things” in my own life. And my greatest distractions (other than just getting started in the first place) are comparison and self doubt. Man do I so easily get swallowed up in those two things!

But here is what I’m learning – the more I focus on being grateful and praising God, the less and less I compare and am critical of myself. And when I catch myself in a weak moment, it is astonishing how quickly I can “self-correct” by choosing to be grateful and praising God. It really is all about perspective, isn’t it?

With that said – I’ve said this before on my Instagram and I’ll say it again I’m sure. They say “you’re like the five people you spend the most time with” – and I think that applies to physical proximity but also what we are consuming through media. If you are watching someone’s insta-stories and they make you feel crummy about yourself because you are constantly comparing, or they themselves have a poor attitude… do yourself a favor and unfollow them! If the people you follow aren’t encouraging you, inspiring you or making you laugh – I highly recommend quietly unfollowing them and freeing yourself from time wasted.

All of that to say – DO YOUR “THING” GIRL! And don’t let fear or anything else keep you from all God has for you. And when you finally start, choose gratitude and praise over comparison and self doubt.

Cheering you on, sister.


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