I am no expert, but I love some good hair products. I have been going to the same hair stylist since I was 14 and she is THE BEST. She gets all the credit for sharing great products with me and when I was getting my hair done last night she shared a good disclaimer with me – everyone’s hair is different! What works great for me may not be what will work best for you. But I still want to share some of my favorites I’ve found over the years and swear by!



I have literally used this curling iron since I met my hair stylist, Stef. I have replaced it once, not because it was broken but because the chord was shocking me because it started to fray, ha! It gets so hot and I love the curl it gives – I can get big waves and tight curls all with this size. Plus, it’s a great price point.

Another fact – I used a nasty old hair dryer from high school that would fold while I was using it up until a few months ago. Ha! I invested in this T3 Luxe hair dryer – and did it with hesitancy. They all just blow hot air, right?! Well – I’ve noticed my hair dries faster and feels smoother since using this, so I’m officially converted. I snagged this one for under $100 at Costco!



I worked at a local salon through college as a receptionist, and one of main takeaways was the importance of a “base” (like a foundation) for your hair to protect it from heat, etc. I have loved Tonic Primer by Bumble and Bumble for years and it goes a long way! It also help with tangles AND if you spray it at your roots and blow dry – it will freshen up your hair. Perfect for bangs!

The next is this R+Co Blow Out Balm. Stef recommenced this years ago and I have also received it a few times in a Birchbox. It protects hair from heat and makes it so soft – just add it to the ends while your hair is still damp and you’ll instantly feel the difference.

I would love to share a favorite dry shampoo with you but I have tried so many and haven’t found one I am in love with yet! It’s hard because my hair is so dark – so I can see the “powder” easily (causing my hair to look grey). I’ll keep trying some and let you know if I find one I like!

My favorite hair sprays – R+Co Outer Space is a light hold (that I use when curling my hair while the curls are still hot to set them) and Davines Strong Hairspray is a little more firm hold when I need a little more control. Both smell great and I am so happy with how well they work!



So Prior to Pureology I was using Davines OI and loved it. But I noticed my hair seemed to hit a plateau so I wanted to change things up. Andrea, a girlfriend of mine recommend Pureology and I’ve been using it for about 3 months and my hair feels stronger, seems like it has grown faster and is significantly more moisturized than before! I truly feel like I’ve seen great results with it! I use both Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner.

And the same girlfriend gave me this Olaplex Hair Perfector (a concentrated treatment/hair mask) for our Galentines Party and it is so dang good. It makes my hair feel clean (strips out all the gunk from product, etc.) yet moisturized and refreshed. I highly (highly!) recommend this stuff! It has amazing reviews on Sephora.com and Stef also recommends it – so it must be good!



I do this routine and use these products every 3ish days. The off days (when I don’t wash my hair) I will typically tease it, and wear it half up and then all the way up on the third or fourth day.

My favorite hair brush ever is the wet brush. This has made such a difference with detangling my hair! I have a mini one for Hadley too because it doesn’t pull anyone near as much as a regular brush.

I swear by a teasing comb like this one. I use this daily (multiple times even) just around my crown for some volume! The two tiers really help to get a tight tease.

Alright! Those are all of my favorites! I hope this was helpful for you – it’s always fun to share my favorites with you. And thank you Stef for all the great recommendations and keeping my hair looking good (you the best, girl).

Thanks so much for reading and stopping by.



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