Ok I want to be honest with you guys. Peel and stick wallpaper is NOT EASY. The video tutorials make it look like a breeze, but it is not (especially if you want it to look nice). I would not be able to do it myself but my husband has the patience of a saint, and he manages through it just fine (well, there is a little grumbling, but you know what I mean).

We have three peel and stick wallpaper walls in our house (so far, ha!) and here are some tricks we have found along the way!


Wallpaper, squeegee, a ladder, exact-o knife, scissors, measuring tape, straight edge to cut and measure on (4ft. level), pencil, grace for your spouse and maybe a drink.


1. Patience: I’m not kidding. This stuff (especially that first corner) is not as easy as it looks.

2. Measure before you buy and then again before you cut: Do the math (height x width of the wall to determine the surface area you need to cover). Measure the height of the wall and cut the wallpaper panel accordingly – but give yourself an inch or two longer than you measure prior to hanging it. You can easily cut off the extra using a exact-o knife, running it along the top of the floor board.

Prior to cutting each wallpaper panel to length, make sure the top of the pattern aligns with each previously laid panel.

3. Pick from the same lot #:  We learned this the hard way, make sure each tube of wallpaper you purchase is from the same lot number. This will prevent from any slight changes in color, pattern or shine.

4. Smoothing it out:  Most brands recommend using a squeegee to roll over the top of an applied panel to get out the bubbles. We found that doing that plus running the palm of your hand over each panel and pushing out the remaining bubbles is the best approach to getting out all air pockets.

5.  Minimize overlap: To reduce shadowing and seems, try to avoid overlapping panels. This is not an easy task – because if you lay the panel at even the smallest angle and the top, it could leave a huge gap at the base of the panel. But if you overlap, it can cast a shadow and you will likely see a little lift on the wall.

6.  Don’t stress the minor imperfections: Here is the reality. It’s not easy – and it does not have to be 100% perfect. The likelihood of someone staring at your wall from a foot away is so slim – so do your best and then let it go and enjoy the fun pop of color or pattern!

Happy wallpapering!



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