Easter is right around the corner! I love getting things done early (if I can) so I’m not frantically rushing at the last minute. So today I am going to share some ideas for Easter baskets, how to have an egg hunt without loading your kids up with candy before church (or brunch) and a simple little devotional you could do as a family.


Baskets are like stockings – it’s hard to be creative year and year and can get pretty repetitive (and pricey). One of my girlfriends shared the idea with me to pick a theme for baskets each year and I love it!

Some themes you could consider are gardening, arts and crafts, sports-related, etc. Otherwise I would just do a book, some bubbles and chalk every year!

It’s nice to pick a theme to keep it creative but also practical. If you went with gardening you could consider some kid-friendly tools (Target dollar spot has some fun ones), seeds to plant together, and chalk. You could also toss in a water bottle or kid-friendly book about gardening – like the new one by Joanna Gaines!

As for the little babies in your life – I always had a hard time rationalizing spending money on gifts they won’t remember or really use. So for Audrey last year I went with a teething toy, stackable blocks from the dollar spot and a little bow.


I still have little littles, so I don’t have to be overly creative with egg hunts. But one of the big things for me is I don’t want to pack them with sugar before bringing them to church! So instead of putting full packs of candy in each egg, I have put single pieces of fruit snacks in each egg for a sweet treat. That way they aren’t eating tons of candy, but still are excited to find the eggs. You could, of course put in a toy or change (to help teach them about savings/tithe etc.), but I found fruit snacks were simple and inexpensive but still fun!

We set out the eggs the night before and run a little trail from each girls room down stairs to their baskets. We hide some additional eggs throughout the house that they have to find before opening their baskets. It’s a fun little tradition that the girls seem to really enjoy!


“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” Matthew 28:6

This is such a simple and well known verse – but something that is so important for our children to understand. Easter baskets are fun, brunch is delicious and time with family is meaningful – but the most important thing that we celebrate on Easter is that our Lord and Savior rose from the grave!

I love this simple book on the Story of Easter – it’s sold at Target. It is simple and straight forward for kids – and explains what we are celebrating! You could read this as a family and just talk about what an exciting thing it is to celebrate our risen Savior!

I hope this gives you some fun ideas of new traditions and ways to celebrate Easter as a family. Happy Easter, friends!




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