The look on my husband’s face whenever I come home with a shopping bag and tell him I bought him new clothes! Ha! 🙂

I did a poll over on my instagram earlier this week and it seems like a lot of you do the clothing shopping for your man so I wanted to make your lives a little easier and pull together some affordable options to freshen up his spring and summer casual wardrobe!

Almost everything on this list is under $30. I think only three items are over thirty – and they are the only things I really have splurged on for him (and none are over $80). I would say his style is pretty “classic” and leans a little “athletic”.

Everything on this list is “Kyle approved” – he owns almost everything – or something very similar. I hope this saves you some time and money!



classic shorts drawstring shorts  | camo cargo shorts

As you have probably heard, camo is a neutral! I bought these for Kyle last year and he loves them! All three of these shorts are a steal and great classic options for summertime.



classic slim polo polo dress shirt  |  levi button down  |  baseball tee  |  color block sweatshirt  |  henley  |  tshirt button down  |  dress shirt

These are Kyle’s classic go-tos. I love him in henleys and baseball tees, I always have! I recently bought him a Levi tshirt button down that will be perfect for date night or church from Kohls and it was a steal! I also love that color block sweatshirt from Old Navy – he doesn’t have this one but it’s on my list to order. Really the only shirts we “invest” in are the Polo brand. Macy’s is always having a sale and you can usually find some at a great price-point at TJ Maxx.



tank top  |  grey swim trunks  |  color block swim trunks

Kyle owns both of these swim trunks and is really happy with the length (he’s not into those short ones). He also has a few of these tank tops from Old Navy that he wears to the pool or on a boat and even while doing yard work to avoid those farmer tan lines.



cognac sneakers  |  sandals  |  slides  |  grey loafers  |  nike sneaks  |  cognac loafers

Kyle has most of these shoes. I bought him those Nikes last fall and he was hesitant, but now that he’s comfortable with how to wear them (meaning what to wear them with) he loves them. I included two price points for the loafers – the Cole Haan ones and gorgeous and extremely comfortable, and definitely worth the investment if you’re in the market for new dress shoes! These sandals are a great affordable option if you (or your man) can’t rationalize the price point of a high-end brand.



sunglasses weekender wallet camo hat

Father’s Day is around the corner and these are some great ideas – these are some of Kyle’s favorites! He prefers a really slim wallet and this is a great option. And as you may have guessed, I love a camo trucker hat. 

If you don’t already, you can always download the app on your phone and shop my links directly at any time! I hope this helps save you some time shopping for your man this spring. Have a great day!


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