With the official start of summer quickly approaching it seems like a great time to freshen up our homes a bit! So today I am sharing 5 ways you can do just that, without breaking the bank.

1. Rearrange it – If you’ve been following me for any amount of time you know I’m a “chronic rearranger”. Ha! I love moving things around! It keeps the space fresh and me from getting “bored”. I also think it’s a great way to find the best, more functional and aesthetically pleasing layout for your space. When we first move in to our homes we have pre-conceived notions about how the space should be set up. But rearranging is a great way to not be overwhelmed by the “commitment to a conventional layout” – and you may find an arrangement you like even better!


2. Simplify it – it can be a little intimidating to take down decor that you are used to seeing. But it can always be added back! Grab an empty bin from your basement and fill it with any decorations that are a little dated, out of season or don’t bring you joy to see. It feels like every corner of our homes need to be perfectly decorated, but sometimes it’s really refreshing to see some open space! Plus in the summer months it’s a great way to keep things fresh, bright and airy and easy to clean.


light fixture  | mirror wicker charger |  rug

3. Swap it – Similar to rearranging spaces, also swap out furniture from different rooms! I love rotating console tables from our dinette, entryway, sofa table etc. it gives you an excuse to rethink the tabletop decor and brings in different/new textures and styles. You could even try switching out bedside tables with your side tables in your family room, rotate rugs, lamps… you name it! It’s just another way to keep your house feeling fresh, give you a little creative outlet and maybe even find a new look you like better than your original!


stools pendant lights 

4. Upgrade it – For cheap! Toss the faux plants in that bin from #2 and bring in some real plants during the summer months. Home Depot and Target both have some adorable plants for under $10 right now that would add some great color and texture to any space. Order some inexpensive pillow covers from Amazon in some new colors and save on paying for the inserts. Set out some bright and airy family photos that make you happy when you look at them. And if your budget allows, grab some new wicker bins from Michael’s (download their app for coupons) or Target and toss toys, blankets, books etc. in to get them off the tables and floor and in something functional and cute.

neutral pillow cover neutral pillow cover  |  lumbar neutral pillow cover  |  basket

5. Paint it – Paint is an inexpensive option that makes a big impact! If you want your house to brighten up but buying new furniture isn’t in the budget, paint your walls! My favorite bright greys/whites are: Dover White (this is what my trim and cabinets are), Wordly Gray (this looks white in direct sunlight, but is a nice option if you don’t want to go full-on white), and Amazing Gray (this is what is on our walls – it’s the perfect light grey, not too lavender or cool). Or if you’re tired of your coffee table, sand it down and paint it! A simple change (like a paint color) can make a big impact – and I know this can also feel intimidating, but I really think it’s worth it. And can be a fun thing to do with your spouse and kids!

It’s amazing what a few subtle ( and inexpensive) changes can have on a home! Hope these help give you some inspiration on how you can freshen up your own space without breaking the bank. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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