My husband and I built our home almost two years ago – and we were one of the first on our street to move in! We love our neighbors (seriously they are the best!), but we found we wanted just a little bit more privacy than we had once all the other houses were completed.

We knew we wanted to add something – but when we went to Pinterest or Houzz we never found anything we loved. I knew I wanted something permanent, that looked like it belonged there, classy and didn’t look like a cheap job to just give us a little more privacy. So Kyle and I headed to Home Depot and looked at some options, and we mapped out this idea together. We love how it turned out!

We may add flower boxes so vines can grow up the lattice, or hang some plants from the top or even string twinkle lights from the top to our house and back! There are a lot of ways we could decorate it and make it look like a design statement and not just a functional “privacy wall”.

There is no doubt my husband is handy – but this project really is a relatively easy one. So today he is sharing a little “how-to build a privacy wall” in hopes to help all of you!



Every space is unique and has its own variables – wind, rain, snow, sun exposure, height limitations, etc… The intention of a project like this is to be visibly appealing but also needs to withstand the elements it’s exposed to. Our privacy wall needed to have the support to withstand wind speeds more than 20mph so my focus while building was to make sure to add the structure for the wind speeds.


1. Measure your distances beforehand and buy more than enough material to complete the job. The most frustrating part when taking on a project is making multiple trips to the materials store because you didn’t buy enough the first time you were there.

2. It has always helped me to draw everything out and make a list of materials prior to starting. This takes “extra” time but the quality of your project will go up significantly by taking the time to do this.

3. Pick up all the materials and an extra cup of coffee – this is where the fun (project) begins!

4. Pre-stain/paint all the materials before installation – when installation is complete (if you’re like me) you want the project to be complete as well. I have done projects both ways (pre-stain/paint vs stain/paint after installation) and I much prefer everything to be pre-stained/painted.

5. Measure twice and cut once – cutting a little too short makes for big headaches! If you’re nervous about making sure the cut is perfect, then leave each cut a little (1/4 inch) long. That way you can make the adjustments necessary and re-cut rather than cutting it too short and having to use another piece.

6. Since wind was my “big element” I made sure to build the vertical support beams of the privacy wall into the existing deck posts – mounting them with 4” decking screws and construction adhesive.

7. Once those were in place I could install the lattice – I lined the pieces up, used more construction adhesive along with brad nails and sandwiched the lattice between 2 – 2×4’s for additional support.

Tips: Keep in mind what you want the final project to look like – a nail gun is REAL fun to use but those are all nail holes you eventually need to fill which takes more time and when you stain (vs paint) the wood the nail holes are even harder to cover up!

8. The lattice was now in place and I added 4 additional 1×4’s horizontally on the top and bottom of the privacy wall – using more construction adhesive and nails for additional (additional) support – remember wind speeds in excess of 20mph are no joke!

9. I went back and filled some of the gaps between the 2×4’s with more construction adhesive – it never hurts to make the structure “too strong” and it also goes back to why it’s good to buy more materials than you need. If you don’t use something like construction adhesive on this project you probably will on something in the future!

10. Once all that is in place and dry it’s up to you how you want to put finishing touches on the project. I found decorative fence post caps and cut them to fit onto the tops of each post to make it a little fancier (which Katie pre-approved of, ha).



Now go enjoy your iced tea on your deck in privacy!


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