Can we all just take a moment and thank the Lord for whoever’s brilliant idea “athleisure” wear was?!

I mean. This is excuse to wear stylish, stretchy, comfy pajamas all day – and still be considered trendy.

As a mama, I jumped on this trend and have never looked back. Part of mastering this trend is figuring out what is worth the investment (because let’s be honest, Lululemon and Athleta are amazing but they aren’t cheap) and what you can get away with paying $12.99 at TJ Maxx or Target.


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Leggings: I own both expensive and inexpensive leggings and I have to admit – there is definitely a difference. I love how Lulu’s leggings hold everything in, but I’ve found they tend to fall down when I’m on a longer run. I haven’t had that issue with Zella leggings or Athleta brand. I am actually really loving both – and Nordstrom Rack usually had Zella brand leggings at a really good price (versus paying the full price at Nordstrom). Athleta has this new type of legging called Powervita and I kid you not they feel like butter.

Zip up: When you have a great zip up (preferably one that covers the bum) you really only need one. I love my Lululemon one that I have in a heather grey. It’s pricey, but I wear it all the time (on a run / working out, running errands, around the house, etc.).

Lightweight coat: If you live in the midwest, having a lightweight (but warm) coat is a must. This is something that can we tossed on with your leggings or joggers and look put-together, but is still really comfortable. I think this is definitely something worth investing in – you can wear it on outdoor runs, running errands, and so much more. I’ve worn it with jeans, OTK boots and an infinity scarf and still get compliments. This one in particular almost looks like leather – and I love the quilt detailing. I did grab a lightweight wind-breaker jacket from Target that I love that isn’t an investment, and I’ve already gotten a ton of use out of it this spring.


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Sweatshirts: Of course there are some sweatshirts that are so soft and fit just right that are worth the money, But in my opinion, most just aren’t! Target has really stepped up their game in athletic wear – and I have been really happy with Old Navy’s athletic wear as well.

Work out shirts: These just aren’t worth investing in in my opinion! I have found some great Nike tanks at Kohls, and have been really happy with the quality of Old Navy tops as well – and they look just like the high-end brand versions!


tank bralette skort sandals

And if you have been following on Instagram you know my love for skorts! I wear them all the time in the summer, running errands, biking, on a walk out to breakfast, on the boat… you name it! They are a great feminine option that is functional and cute! I have a few of them – from Athleta and Target and love them all.

Hope that gives you some fresh inspiration on how to style some things you already own with a sporty yet trendy spin. Thanks for stopping by!




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