I can’t tell you how many times I have seen something look adorable on someone online, immediately placed an order to get one myself, and then was shocked when it didn’t look as adorable on me as it did on her!

You’d think I’d learn!

Well, I finally have (at least I’ve gotten better) by getting educated on my true body shape. And with how increasingly common it is becoming to shop online, it’s important for us to get educated on the types of clothes that we will feel confident and beautiful in!

But before I dive into this – I just need to tell you, girl, you are beautiful. There is no “best” body shape. No body shape is better than the others. My hope is that this post will help you to feel the most comfortable and confident in the shape that God gave you!

And I truly think part of that is just having a good understanding of what best suites our figures. Then I am less likely to run the risk of purchasing something that may be trendy, but will leave me feeling self-conscious or frumpy.

Also I should mention – I am no expert here. Just a girl that spent a ridiculous amount of time googling and pinteresting late at night trying to figure this out for myself, and wanting to make it easier for you all!

So let’s get started.

What you’ll need:

  • A soft measuring tape (or a ribbon and a regular measuring tape)
  • Pen and paper if you’re like me and forget numbers in seconds (or save them in a note on your phone! They may come in handy when trying to order the right size of an item online in the future)
  • A mirror (just helps to see what you’re doing!)

Finding your body shape (and what to do when you do!):

1.       Find out your body shape: Head to this site and plug in your numbers

2.       Get educated: Spend some time looking at different resources that suggest the types of clothing, cuts, and patterns that suite your figure the best!


3.       Take a look at your closet: If you are really feeling like tackling this, head to your closet and find some things to try on based on those recommendations. Sort through the things that don’t and maybe even identify some to donate or sell (see this weeks earlier post for how to sell things online).

4.       The next time you are about to order something online: Take a step back and think about if it will work with your body shape. No sense in wasting your time or hard earned money on something adorable that you don’t feel beautiful in! And make sure you’re ordering the right size based on the measurements you save in the note on your phone.

That’s it!

This particularly helpful for me because I could have sworn I was an hourglass or “X” body shape. Turns out I’m not, I’m an “H”  (or a rectangle)! Which explains why over-sized and baggy things just don’t compliment my features well, and adding a high-waist belt really does  help! For example – the photo above – with my shape, it is recommended to always have something that gives me more of a defined waist-line. Hence the knotted tee and high-waist skirt.

This isn’t a completely new idea, but it is a good way to add some “filters” to some of our online purchases. Hopefully this saves you some time and money in the future! Like I said, regardless of your body shape – you are beautiful!


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