Tomorrow is officially the first day of fall and I am ready for it! It’s always kind of a weird season where it is technically “fall” but not feeling quite like it outdoors. But in Minnesota it sure has been feeling full-on fall-like the last two weeks!

Today I am sharing five ideas to cozy up your home for fall. These are hopefully ideas of ways to use some items you already own, don’t require you to feel like you have to redecorate your whole home and are inexpensive to incorporate.

1. Natural Elements
Don’t be afraid to mix your colors and stains of woods! Light wood is really trendy right now, but that doesn’t mean you need to trash all your darker wood decor. Use them both! And incorporate whites, creams and greys to act as a neutral pop to pull it all together.

Baskets are also very popular right now and area way to add some great warmth to a tabletop, next to a fireplace, in an entryway, and under a console table. I think these work in all seasons, but they definitely compliment the warm colors of fall nicely!

Another way you can bring in natural elements is through faux or dried berries, twigs, and faux decorate stems with warm tones.


2. Textures
There is something just so cozy about a chunky cable-knit throw blanket and a faux fur blanket! It adds such a soft and warm texture when style on a chair or sofa but is also so functional and comfortable. You can go the throw blanket route or do a throw pillow! Mix and match textures to create interest in your space. Similar to tip #4, these will carry you beautiful into the Christmas season as well!


3. Pumpkins (of course!)
Pumpkins are such a fun, cute and trendy way to decorate for fall. Don’t get me wrong I love an orange pumpkin – but this early in the season I’m just not quite ready to break them out yet (typically I’ll bring those out in October). But there is no wrong way to do it! All based on your style and preferences.

I personally love all the different neutral pumpkins that come in all different textures and shapes. It’s fun to place them in unexpected places, like on top of a candle stick or platter, to just add subtle elements of seasonal decor throughout your home.

4. Buffalo Plaid
Buffalo plaid is a favorite pattern of mine! You can bring this pattern in through fabric napkins, throw pillows, a table runner, on a pumpkin (Target dollar spot has cute ones!), and so much more. The great thing about this is it pairs well with all colors – so for fall you could pair it with an olive green, mustard yellow and/or a burnt orange. And then come Christmas time you can swap those out for reds, ivories and whites, faux fur, and a deeper green for a festive look!


5. Colors
The last tip may be the most obvious – but if you’ve read any of my home decor blogs before you know how much I stress the idea of neutral furniture/high-cost items, and then bring in pops of color with decorative accents that are inexpensive and easy to switch out a the seasons and styles change! The colors I love this time of year are a mustard yellow, burgundy, burnt orange, olive green, and a Merlot. Mix those in with creams, grey and whites to keep it feeling bright and clean!

Bonus tip: Scents! Get your hands on a good pumpkin and vanilla candle or boil something like this on the stove to keep your home smelling delicious and welcoming!


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