This is a dream God placed in both of our hearts years ago, when we were young college kids dreaming big dreams. The thing about big dreams – is they are so fun to talk about. To wonder about. To think of all the different things you would or could do. But there was one cold Thursday in April (of this year), where Kyle and I were out for a quick lunch date, where we decided to stop just talking about it – and take the first step.

I encouraged Kyle to just “look into” what it takes and costs to become a licensed general contractor. He has been doing house projects since he was a little boy with his dad, has done countless projects throughout each of the homes we have lived in, for each our parents and even friends. He loves it, and has the patience and the work ethic for it. After that conversation – we prayed. As silly as that may sound, we have learned in our lives and walks with the Lord, nothing is too big or too small to pray for. And one thing was for sure – if Kyle was going to even consider a complete career change, we needed to know it was God’s plan for his (and our) lives.

Within a week and a half of that conversation, Kyle became a licensed builder and remodeler (or General Contractor) in the state of Minnesota. Within a week after that, God confirmed the name of our company (Solid Ground Construction Co.) through our devotion time, and we had the LLC, URL and social media handles created.


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Here’s the thing about God and what He has taught us through this process. It is His timing and His pace. And sometimes that requires patience, focus, discipline and contentment in waiting. And other times it means blind faith and a full reliance on Him and His ability to carry you at the pace in which He is working.

If you follow my blog or Instagram, you know how much I love design and decorating, and how handy (and supportive, ha!) my husband is. We have done so much to our home – and we want to help other families in our community turn their house into a home that is both functional and beautiful.

This has never been a “him” or a “me” thing. It’s always been an “us” thing. With his background in finance and accounting, he creates estimates accurately and efficiently. With my background in marketing, I’ve spent my career learning how to bring products and businesses to market. In all areas, from his ability to build, measure, plan and estimate and my ability to visualize, design and style – we bring completely opposite, and necessary skill sets to the table. We are a great team, and I can’t tell you how excited we are to do this together.

We have spent the last seven months surrounding ourselves with mentors who have been in this industry for 30+ years, got some good experience under our belts (we’ve had the opportunity to work with 17 families thus far), spent countless late nights and early mornings working through our business plan, and brainstorming ways we can use this as a tool to bless others.

Which is why giving back is such an important part of our business. Each year we select a ministry or nonprofit to give a portion of each project’s proceeds towards. This is a principle that Kyle and I live our lives by and are raising our children on, so it seems only appropriate for our business to follow suit.

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If you learn anything about our company from this blog post – I want you to learn this. This is not ours. This is not our “great idea”. This is all God. His plan, His timing and His heart working in and through us. Going into people’s homes is never something to take lightly, and we truly see this as a way to love, serve and bless others. We don’t know where this company is going to go – we have big plans and big dreams, but we know full-well that we could fail. And that’s OK with us. We just know (that we know, that we know) this is what God is calling us to do right now, in this season of our lives. And it feels really good to not just talk and dream about it anymore, but to step out in faith and give it a whirl.

To learn more or get started on your next home project, check out our website and to see what we have been up to follow us on Instagram.

Thank you so much for stopping by! It really means the world to Kyle and me.


A special thanks to the friends and family who have helped and supported us chasing this dream. Caitlin Joyce for our logos, Brian Lund and his team at Lund Solutions, Lacy Wallin at East Oaks Photography, Tom Poch for capturing and directing our video, and Hanne Vaughn at Riveting Productions for editing our video. You have blessed us with your time, talents and support and we are so grateful. And of course, our parents who have been so encouraging and supportive – we love you so much. 



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