It’s officially March and there are some fun design trends emerging, evolving, and remaining the same in 2020! I thought I would unpack some for you and give you some tricks along the way!

– Color or the year: Classic Blue: I am so excited about this color because I already have accents of it in my house! It’s one of my favorite colors to decorate with in the spring and summer as it can be paired so easily with so many other colors (yellow, coral, red, mustard, olive, etc.). You can incorporate this into your decor with pillows, throw blankets, metal decorative accents and lamps.


– Contrast: I think we will be seeing more contrast and color in homes and kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about white on white on white and a bright kitchen! And I don’t think white kitchens are going anywhere just yet. But I do think we will be seeing more contrast in darker counter-tops and stained islands, etc. If you have an all white kitchen, no worries! First it is still so beautiful! But if you want to bring some contrast you could consider updating your counter stools and bringing in some contrasting decor elements through cutting boards, trays, vases etc.).

– Pops of color: We have been living in this very muted, bright, clean whites and creams and greys for a couple of years now, and I think we will begin to see more and more fun pops of color come back into the trend for home decor! And you know me, I don’t recommend going out and buying a pink couch (but if you want to go for it!) – but consider bringing it small elements into your decor. Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to test it out by bringing in some different pinks!

– Metals: If you haven’t noticed already, brass has officially made a comeback. It is a beautiful way to warm up cool-toned cabinets with hardware, or as an object on a bookshelf that may also need some warmth. Another metal that is on-trend is polished nickel – which provides such a classic and sophisticated look.


Wall paper: You guys know my love for wallpaper! Wallpaper comes with a stigma, but it has come a long way in the application and ease of removal. It is a (relatively) inexpensive way to make a real statement. Bold patterns including floral, watercolor and more are here to stay. I personally prefer a more neutral color scheme and then bring in bright decorations seasonally for a little pop.


Paneling: Wainscoting and paneled walls are all over Pinterest and Instagram these days and are here to stay! We’ve been getting tons of requests for this with our business and have wainscoting in our own home. Wainscoting is classic and elegant. You can have it pull more transitional, farmhouse or really elegant and detailed. Paneling is another great option for a statement wall in an entry, stairwell or master bedroom.


Wicker baskets: These have been on the radar for the last few years and I don’t see them going away any time soon (at least as a mom of toddlers, I sure hope they don’t)! Using them to organize and simplify a space can make a beautiful natural statement while simplifying (and tidying) a space.

Plants: If you made in through 2019 without buying a fiddle leaf fig tree you deserve a gold star! I did not (I have this one!) and still love it. This year we will see more olive trees in the mix. I think we will also continue to see more lush (even over sized) greenery in vases on counters, dining and coffee tables. Keep in mind that faux plant accents look best in a space that’s “believable”, meaning if it were real, it would actually survive!


Wood accents: The trend for the last year or two has been that beautiful light and airy white-oak flooring. I think that is here to stay for awhile! If you don’t have that in your current house or aren’t building right now, that’s ok! You can absolutely mix your woods and incorporate the white oak in with accent furniture (side tables, stools) or decorate accents (candle sticks, coasters, and trays).

There you have it! Some fun decor trends for 2020. Happy decorating!


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