I recently ordered a dip manicure set on Amazon to see if I could take this on for myself at home. It turns out quite a few of you were interested in how this went, and hoping to try it for yourself!

So I’m going to share my lessons learned, what all you need, and how to do it yourself! I am by no means an expert or nail technician – but hopefully this will help you out if you decide to try it for yourself!

– Nail file
– Nail buffer (didn’t have one and wish I did!)
– Cuticle clipper
Dip manicure kit

1) Prepare your nails: Clip and file your nails and clean up cuticles, removing all prior polish or dip.

2) Set up: Pick your color(s) and grab the translucent base coat. Open up the powders so they are ready to go.


3) Base coat: First apply a thin coat to one nail (I didn’t do this which is why I believe mine are thicker than I’d like) of the base (labeled number 1), then immediately dip the nail in the translucent powder, tap off extra powder. Repeat on each nail (do this one nail at a time because the base dries quickly).

4) Remove excess: Using the brush provided in the kit, gentle brush off extra powder.

IMG_9165 (1)

5) Add color: Now it’s time to dip the nails in the dip powder color you selected. Following the same step at number 3, but instead dipping each nail in the color you selected. (Apply a thin coat of the base to one nail, then immediately dipping the nail in the nail color powder, tap off extra powder). Gently brush off excess powder between coats, and repeat (dipping a total of twice in the color).

6) Remove excess: Using the brush provided in the kit, gentle brush off extra powder.


7) Activate: Now paint the activator (number 2) on each nail.

8) Shape: Once the activator dries (it does so quickly) shape and buff the nails gently.


9) Top coat: Add the top coat for shine! I only did one coat, the directions say two, but I didn’t think it was necessary.

That’s it!

I also watched this video which I found to be helpful before getting started.

If you already have dip nails that you are looking to remove, give this video a watch. I didn’t watch this and just tried to do what they do at the salon at home (file down the top of the nail a bit, apply cotton ball dipped in acetone to the nail, wrap nail with foil and soak). I found my nails didn’t come off nearly as easily as they do at the nail salon and left them more frail. This video advises to repeat this same approach a few times, and it will cause much less damage to your nails. Another option (that seems much quicker!) can be found here – this is what I’ll be trying next time!


I would recommend doing this after the kids are in bed so you have your hands free 🙂 Hope it helps! Let me know if you have any questions – and I’d love to see how they turn out!


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