Finding the right counter stools for your kitchen is something that seems simple. But there are so many options, price points and styles to consider – it gets overwhelming quickly! Plus, it’s an investment and not something you want to do without taking some things into consideration.

A few months back I set out to get some new counter stools. I have gotten some questions about this in my work and since sharing our experience on my instagram. So I thought it was about time I wrote a blog post for you to reference whenever you’re in the market!

I started with some simple ground rules that helped me to prioritize our life-stage and most of all, function. The ground rules:
1) No fabric seats
2) Must have a back
3) $300 or under per stool

Don’t get me wrong, I love a fabric seat. It is so much more comfortable to sit on! But with little kids and toddlers it is bound to have either a food stain or marker stain within the first few days. I also love the option of backless – I think it makes the space much more conducive for hosting (you don’t have to reach out the back of a stool to grab an appetizer off the counter). But again, I knew one of our kids would fall off the back sooner rather than later, and that just isn’t worth the stress for this short season. And rule number three is also a result of the life-stage – I doubt these stools will last us 10 years (though I hope I’m wrong!) with how often they are used. Plus, I have a bit of a habit of liking to switch things out – so as long as the quality is good and they will last 5(ish) years, I can feel good about my purchase and also feel good about wanting to replace them at some point!

In my searching I shared a number of options – once that fit into all of our criteria, and ones that I wish did. I’ve received a number of questions since sharing this process a few months back, so I thought I would finally share it on here so you can use it as a resource whenever it’s time for a little refresh of your stools, too.

First up are the stools I wish met the criteria! These are beautiful, high quality, have great ratings and look oh-so-comfortable.


top left  |  top right bottom left  |  bottom right

Next are the more kid and budget friendly options. I still really like these – and the styles range from a traditional farmhouse, to coastal, to a more transitional. We went with these stools in seadrift and have been so please with the quality, durability and size!


top left  |  top right middle bottom left  |  bottom right

The only exception is the bottom right, it is a bit over the $300 mark but they have sales that bring it down pretty close.

Some things to consider when picking the right counter stool for your home are:
1) The aesthetic of your home: Do you have a more modern, coastal, farmhouse, or transitional style? As a general rule, it’s good to take everything that you can see in the same sight-line into consideration. From a color and style perspective. Ideally the stool will fit in with the space as-is, and not be a dramatic shift from what is currently there.
2) Color: This and aesthetic go hand-in-hand, but I think it warrants it’s own mention. If you are placing these stools at your island or peninsula, consider having the stain/color contrast whatever your island color is. If you have a painted white island, consider a warm wood finish, painted black or a soft grey fabric. If you have a stained island, consider something either fabric or painted. It will add some great contrast, texture and interest, and even pull in other elements of your home (light fixtures, knobs, couch, etc.).
3) Your life-stage: If your kids are grown and you use the space mainly for hosting, invest in something beautiful, timeless and comfortable! If you have young-ones like I do, think through what is most functional for your family, and let that help guide your decision.
4) Budget: As you may have seen in some of these favorites I’ve shared – counter stools can range from $100 to over a $1,000. So it’s important to know what your budget is prior to falling in love with one that may be out of your budget (especially if you need four of them like us)!

Hope this helps you find the right stool for your home!


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